Me & the Stage



Hello all…

This is my first blogpost! Am I nervous? yes.. Kinda.. am I excited? Hell, YES!! Finally starting this journey that I always wanted to embark upon..

First of all as the title suggests, the name is “nehazworld”.. so welcome to my world where I will be touching upon all the topics, right from beauty, health, make up, my work, family, cooking, friends & random musings too..

Wanted to start with a topic that is very close to my heart & actually this is what has given me my identity… THE STAGE… its my school, its my space & its my temple! As Karl Wallenda has rightly said, “Life is lived out on the wire, the rest is just waiting”.. this is also my wire, I wait to be on it… Its taught me so much.. Where do I begin? My love affair started in the 4th grade, when during an elocution competition, I froze on this very stage.. It took me almost 10 attempts & 8 years to regain my confidence.. but today I can proudly say after anchoring over 500 shows that if I can do it, you can do it too!! Now, whenever I go on the stage, I get a happy high..

Its also my ticket to meeting a lot of well known people, celebrities etc.. in short “the famous people”… and getting to see & know these individuals I can conclude that everytime I meet someone there is something that I get to learn from them.. I totally love observing them & then trying to imbibe & imitate what I learnt..

Also another thing that I like about anchoring shows is the fact that a lot of times its impromptu & not scripted.. one has to constantly be alert & that is a challenge! There are many times when we might get caught off guard, and how one steers out of it is the beauty of anchoring…

Another important aspect is that it gives me financial independence.. here I am not talking about females specifically but applies to everyone.. the fact that we can look after ourselves & save every month is really good.. the add on is that my child will always see me working so she will always respect me, my time & also other women.. one day when she grows up, she would also want to become someone as they say for every child, his mother is his idol..

The last point is that whenever I get a chance to anchor shows for some NGO’s that dont have budgets, I love doing it for them for free as its something I am doing for my personal happiness. The amount of respect & love I get is immeasurable.. No amount of fees can replace that.. I get to meet some great individuals who are selflessly striving for the betterment of society & also putting service before self by helping out those in need…

Let me conclude by saying, each event for me is too special & close to my heart as there are so many beautiful memories attached to it.. I always make sure I give my 100% on stage as I know those moments will never return.. and so is the case with our life..

“That it will never come again, is what makes life so sweet”~ Emily Dickinson


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